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Equipment and Communications Aids for ​Kids

Does your child need some support getting around or communicating better?

At CPL, we can offer you advice, prescriptions and trials for a wide range of children’s mobility equipment and assistive technology.

Our team can help you access the latest equipment and assistive technology, including specialised seating, mobility aids, communication support, including PODD books, and more. At CPL, we provide a range of equipment and ​communication services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) so you can easily get everything you need from the one place. 

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Wheelchairs, ​Walkers and ​Equipment ​Prescriptions for ​Kids

Our specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists can prescribe seating and equipment to help improve your child’s quality of life. They can also help you and your child access high quality and well priced mobility equipment..

Boy in wheelchair smiling Your local CPL therapist will discuss your child’s needs and can prescribe equipment to make their every day living easy. 

This includes:
  • Power and manual wheelchairs
  • Customised seating
  • Walkers
  • Mobility scooters
  • Shower chairs
  • Paediatric equipment
We also offer a specialist Walkways Mobility Program for children from the age of 2 who have complex postural and mobility needs. Our specially trained physiotherapists and orthotists provide comprehensive assessments and access to a range of walkers for trial. 
Read more about CPL's Walkways Mobility Program. 

Assistive Tech

CPL's Assistive Tech Team is made up of specialist therapists who support people of all ages to access assistive technology. 

Assistive technology, as defined by the World Health Organisation, is ‘any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed’

CPLs Assistive Tech Team work with specific assistive technologies to maximise an individual’s independence and make sure they can participate in the things they like to do. 
Read more about CPL's Assistive Tech Team. 

Communication ​Technology Resources   

Boy in wheelchair reading Are you looking for visual resources to support your child’s communication? CPL’s Communication Board Service (CBS) can produce PODD and other communication books, alphabet boards or other visual supports, personalised to your child’s communication needs.

Read more about CPL's Communication Board Service.  

Allied Health Professionals 

Young man receiving physio Do you need access to mobility equipment? ME’Quip is CPL’s Equipment Loan Service which provides an extensive range of loan mobility equipment for short-term use to people with disability across Brisbane. 

​Learn more about CPL's ​Me'Quip Loan ​Service.

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