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Join the CPL Challengers and raise money for kids with disabilities!
Tristan Miller at a challenge event

Join CPL Challengers!

Challenge yourself and support kids with disabilities.

Who are CPL Challengers? CPL Challengers are a team of passionate supporters of kids with disabilities, taking on challenges to raise money to support CPL- Choice, Passion, Life!
Every year, hundreds of amazing individuals take on sporting events throughout Queensland, asking their friends, family and colleagues to support them by donating to CPL.

You too can make a difference just by choosing a challenge! Whether you are just starting out or are an elite athlete, you can run, swim, cycle, walk & challenge yourself to empower kids with disabilities.

What are you waiting for?

Seize the day and choose your challenge, do it alone or in a team, whichever way, start your journey today! Choose your event below or get in contact to tell us about a challenge of your own.

Get in touch with us via fundraising@cpl.org.au or 1800 275 753 today!

Challenge Events 

Join the CPL Challengers for our next event!





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    Client Stories

    In any year, cerebral palsy is more common than cancer, strokes or road traffic accidents.
    The Cerebral Palsy League provides vital support and services to over 5,000 children and adults with cerebral palsy and physical disabilities. 

    The money you raise will help provide vital support and services for people with physical disabilities so they can achieve their life goals and dreams just like Gemma and Rachael. Read their inspirational stories below.


    Phil’s daughter Gemma is 18 years old and has cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia and epilepsy. 

    She loves sports, especially Triathlons, and has participated in the past two Noosa Special Triathlons, which is run in conjunction with the Noosa Triathlon, the largest in the southern hemisphere. Join our Noosa Triathlon Team here. 

    You might be wondering, how does she participate? For the swim leg, Gemma rides in an inflatable dinghy, which her dad tows with a harness, as he swims. For the bike leg she has her own specially designed bike (pictured) and for the run leg, Phil pushes her in a special needs running chair. Many Team CPL athletes who watched Gemma in the 2012 and 2013 Noosa Special Tri were so inspired by her - they achieved personal best times in their triathlons the next day.

    Gemma is not all about winning, she is about having fun and spreading the word that having a disability is no barrier and anything is possible.

    One of the benefits of joining Team CPL is you have the opportunity to meet and fundraise for inspirational people like Gemma and make a real difference to the lives of people with disabilities.


    Rachael Dodds“Thanks to the support of the Cerebral Palsy League and people like you, I have received the care and therapy I needed to reach my full potential. By joining Team CPL you will be helping more kids like me achieve their dreams. Joining Team CPL is one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding things you can do” – Rachael Dodds

    Cerebral Palsy League client and now official youth ambassador Rachael Dodds  is a great example of how important supporters like you are. 

    A week after she was born, doctors told Rachael's parents she experienced a massive brain haemorrhage at birth and it was unlikely she would ever walk or talk. Rachael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and her parents knew how important early intervention therapy would be for her growth and development. 

    Almost every week from birth, Rachael went through intensive early intervention therapy services, like those the Cerebral Palsy League provide, including appointments with social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. 

    Thanks to supporters like you, kids like Rachael can receive vital early intervention services. Today Rachael is a successful young woman. At just 20 years-old, she has competed in the women’s 100m and 200m sprints in the London Paralympics, and after graduating with an OP2 (the second best result possible) her future is looking bright.

    Please join Team CPL and support Queenslanders with disability, like Rachael and Gemma. Every step closer you get to reaching your goal, you are helping children and adults with disability getone step closer to reaching theirs!

    Find out more today! Simply call ​Pete at 07 3358 8088 or email ​Peter.Evans@cpl.org.au. 

    One of our friendly CPL staff will be in touch by the next working day. We look forward to hearing from you! 

    Free merchandise 

    By joining Team CPL you will receive some great branded merchandise to wear with pride! We think what you are doing is absolutely fantastic so we want to say thank you by offering you some great rewards! 

    Fundraising Targets

     Fundraising Rewards  $250   $500   $750   $1000 
     Water bottle & visor   X      
     *Running singlet, water bottle & visor    X    
     Microfibre towel      X  
     **Triathlon suit        X

    Please note - Qualifying deadlines apply for each challenge event
    *This is only available for running events
    **Triathlon suit only available to CPL particpants in the Mooloolaba Triathlon and Noosa Triathlon 
    ***This is not valid with Mooloolaba Triathlon and Noosa Triathlon

    Find out more today! Simply email fundraising@cpl.org.au or call 07 3358 8030.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Man smiling“I had such a great time as part of Team CPL in Noosa Tri 2013. It’s an amazing event and the added motivation to make a difference to the lives of Aussie’s with disabilities made it a weekend to remember.” Dion Kallis, Big Brother 2014 contestant

    Man running out of ocean

    “As a coach and athlete I push the boundaries of athletic development and human performance every single day. To be able to share my knowledge and stories with Team CPL is an honour. Seeing people achieve even their wildest goals for such a worthy cause at the Noosa Triathlon is an inspirational moment you won’t forget.” Nicholas Hull, Personal Best Triathlon coach, triathlete and CPL ambassador


    Rohan Crothers
    “I love getting in the pool and challenging myself every day. Join Team CPL and surprise yourself, have some fun, all while helping people with cerebral palsy!” Rowan Crothers, CPL Youth Ambassador, member of the Australian Swim Team and world record holder for 100m freestyle at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

    “I work hard to challenge myself in my career, but what inspires me is young  adults, like Gemma. There is no obstacle for Gemma and she is a great example of sheer determination. Please join Team CPL and run for a reason!” Brodie Moir, Ironwoman and CPL Ambassador 

    Before and after photo of woman who looks healthier
    “Running for Team CPL and completing my first half marathon was a life changing moment. My family and think what you do is just so wonderful.” – Kate Haddan, Sunshine Coast marathon participant who quit smoking and lost over 10kg whilst training for her first half marathon in memory of her late brother, Freddie who had cerebral palsy

    *CPL advises that exercise may be a risk to your physical health and safety if not done properly. It is CPL’s recommendation that you consult a physician prior to engaging in any exercise program or activity; whether or not such program is recommended by CPL. Please remember that neither CPL nor the advice of any member of CPL personnel is a substitute for medical advice. CPL recommends you become knowledgeable about the risks involved and assume personal responsibility for your actions and exercise your own judgement as to the difficulty and your ability to safely protect yourself from the inherent risks associated with any activities you undertake.