For 70 years now, ​we've been a part of your community.

It’s been 70 years of growth, adaption and evolution. We’re so grateful for the opportunities your support has provided, and for everything we’ve learnt so far. Thank you.

Change is never easy, but it can be rewarding. For us it’s led to a broader vision and focussed awareness of how we can best make a difference.

You’ve always known us as the Cerebral Palsy League, but thanks to your support we’re now able to do so much more, which is why we’re changing our name.

Our new name CPL – Choice, Passion, Life, has been chosen because it’s what truly matters to us as an organisation, and as a part of our community. It’s also a name that reminds us of where we started, and just how far we’ve come.

We’re proud that we’re more inclusive than ever, and that we’ve never been better equipped to help people choose lives they’re passionate about.

We’re excited to celebrate with you this year, and can’t wait to continue on our journey together with your support.