Who needs to fill out a timesheet? Everyone must complete a timesheet so CPL payroll can capture your work pattern for correct payment.  

Where do I send my Timesheet? Your manager must sign your timesheet to confirm hours worked. It is your responsibility as an employee to submit your timesheet for approval to guarantee payment. NOTE: Unapproved timesheets will not be paid. Your manager will check your timesheet and forward your timesheet to the Rostering team for approval in TRACCS.

What is the deadline? Timesheets must be emailed to your manager for authorisation by 10am on the Thursday 2 August. Click here to see who you need to send this to. CPL’s pay periods run from Thursday through to Wednesday, fortnightly.  For example, for the current pay period ending Wednesday 1 August 2018, you must ensure your timesheet is submitted correctly via email the next day - Thursday 2 August by 10am. If you have multiple managers, please send your timesheet to the manager for whom you have worked the most shifts.
NOTE TO MANAGERS:  Once timesheets are approved please forward them immediately to the Rostering team – for the roster to be updated and approved in TRACCS. Please note all timesheets must be submitted to by close of business Thursday 2 August, this will ensure your staff are paid in accordance with the schedule below. 

Click here for a copy of the CPL Payroll Calendar for 2018. It contains all of the pay periods (and payment days) for the 2018 calendar year. It is important that you understand the CPL pay dates and, on the fortnight end date, you prepare your timesheet for approval and payment.

What happens if I don’t submit my timesheet? As you can appreciate, our Payroll team have a large volume of timesheets to process each fortnight. The deadlines outlined have been set to ensure all employees are paid in a timely manner. Unfortunately, if you have not submitted your timesheet according to these deadlines you will be paid the following fortnight.

Pay Cycle Dates Number of days Payment date Employees send all timesheets to: Managers send all timesheets to: Rostering team send all timesheets to:
Thursday 19 July 2018
to Wednesday 1 August 2018
14 Thursday 9 August 2018 Your Manager by 10am Thurs 2 August Rostering Team  CPL Payroll Team 
Thursday 2 August 2018
to Wednesday 15 August 2018
14 Thursday 23 August 2018 Your Manager by 10am Thurs 16 August Rostering Team  CPL Payroll Team 
Thursday 16 August 2018
to Wednesday 29 August 2018
14 Thursday 6 September 2018 Your Manager by 10am Thurs 29 August Rostering Team  CPL Payroll Team 

Who do I contact if I have any questions? 
To assist with completion of your timesheet please refer to the timesheet example here.

For all payroll related questions, please email the CPL Payroll Team at

For all rostering related questions please contact your usual rostering team.

If you’re a direct service employee and would like to pick up a little more work, then we want to hear from you. We have extra shifts available on the Gold Coast and in Ballina. To express your interest in extra shifts, simply get in touch with your usual rostering contact.

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