Below is the latest update from CPL for our Managers about the evolving COVID-19 situation. A reminder to share these with your team as necessary and you will find all manager, client and employee updates on our designated staff portal here.

Following on from our personal protective equipment (PPE) update yesterday, we have distributed a small supply of masks to key sites. Those sites who received the delivery must apply the following guidelines to the usage of these masks. Supplies of masks in Australia are critically low, so it is imperative we only use them when required.

These masks share only for use by the client IF they present symptoms of COVID-19. The purpose is to prevent transmission to others. CPL has developed a Service Action Plan which includes the steps employees and managers must take if a client presents with COVID-19-like symptoms or is confirmed to have COVID-19.

At this stage, CPL staff should not use masks. If a staff member is unwell and requires a mask, they should not be at work. If employees are using masks unnecessarily, they are not only diminishing our current stocks but may be preventing other CPL sites from having access to adequate supplies for when community transition increases.

Please watch this video on how to fit a mask on a client.

Here are the steps:

  • Remove glasses and hats. Tie back long hair so it does not become tangled in the straps of the respiratory protection.
  • Put the mask on your face, ensuring the nose piece is at the top of the mask
  • Place the headband or ties over the head and at the base of the neck
  • Compress the mask against the face to ensure a seal across the bridge of the nose
  • Compress the mask to ensure a seal across the cheeks and the face; and
  • Conduct a fit check: check the seal of the mask by gently inhaling. If the mask is not drawn in towards the face, or air leaks around the face seal, readjust the mask and repeat process or check for defects in the mask. If the mask still leaks you may need to try a different size or style of mask. A good seal between the mask and the wearer’s face cannot be guaranteed if they have facial hair.

Given the current environment, now is a good time to read CPL's Infection Control Standard Precautions procedure. This is not specific to COVID-19 and contains information about the communication incident reporting and overall management of infectious diseases including whooping cough and influenza when they present in CPL services. 

With the situation rapidly changing, and the Government regularly providing new updates and directives, we are preparing for all possible scenarios, including the potential closure of some sites. To assist the Working Group with this, we are asking all managers to consider what you could strategies you could deploy in your services to further increase social distancing for our clients. This might include the utilisation of more rooms, changing programs to be outdoors more often, or looking at activities in low-risk settings like large parks for community access supports.

In time, you will be called upon to provide these options so please invest time in the coming days to consider all options for your regions.

As this situation continues to change day-by-day, it is becoming more and more important for CPL managers to communicate regularly with their teams. We understand each team is different, with some working remotely or in frontline roles, however given the seriousness of this situation all managers should take steps to communicate with their teams.

Some teams have implemented a cascading messages approach. Please take steps to muster and communicate with your direct reports each morning and ask them to pass on key messages to their employees too.

We also ask you to encourage all of your employees to read the emails when they arrive. These contain timely advice and actions which all employees need to be familiar with.

We understand this situation may be causing anxiety and concern for employees and clients. It is important all employees feel informed and supported during this period. There are a number of resources employees and their family members can access, including LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP is a free, confidential counselling service, available 24/7 via 1300 361 008 or through the staff portal using CPLQ as a code.

As a manager, you can take an important role in proactively ensuring our employees are looking after themselves during this time. For some helpful information, please visit Beyond Blue's dedicated website.

As you would be aware, CPL has ceased all work by contractors, unless the work has a compliance or workplace health and safety implication. CPL has been working with the Queensland Government regarding contractors at CPL-managed/occupied properties owned by the Department of Communities and the Department of Housing. At present, their controls are less defined and restrictive as CPL’s. If a contractor visits your property and you believe their presence to be unnecessary, please contact Property immediately to discuss.

Another reminder that all employees who wish to work from home must first have the approval of the Regional Manager. Those working from home also need to complete Work from home procedure and assessment forms prior to beginning work from home.

Please ensure all applicable employees read these forms thoroughly, complete the assessment form, and attach a photograph of their designated workstation at their home, before submitting to

Free flu vaccination program

CPL's free flu vaccination program is continuing this year. We've been in touch with Chemist Warehouse and the program will begin on 30 March as planned. Employees can receive their free flu vaccination until 6 June 2020. To receive your voucher, click here.

If there is no participating Chemist Warehouse in your area, please send your tax invoice to The Wellbeing Team at after you get the vaccine and CPL will arrange for reimbursement in your paycheck. Keep in touch as needed over the weekend and make sure you follow social distancing for yourself to stay well.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Lavelle

Chief Operating Officer CPL - Choice, Passion, Life

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