Following is the latest updates for CPL Managers in response to the COVID-19 situation. Please read and share with your teams as necessary.  

As per previous communications, SIL houses and regional hubs should now have access to barrier care kits as required.  It is important that PPE is used only as directed, however, sites will require further PPE and cleaning products during this period, so please use the form to request additional supplies. You can return your completed form to and the team will process and dispatch your order within three business days. Please note, there is still a national shortage of some items, so there may be limits on the volume of products you can order so that we can ensure adequate supply for all CPL sites.

The latest Service Action Plan (version four) has been released and is located on the dedicated Sharepoint. For those with access to the document, please take the time to read the new version and update yourself on the changes and additional responses to any positive COVID-19 cases.  Access to this document is restricted, so if you do not have access and believe you should, please contact Kirsty Austin directly.

We will be dispatching contactless thermometers to SILS and local area office sites tomorrow. These should only be used to take the temperatures of clients if they are unwell or showing symptoms of illness. To assist employees with this, we have developed two documents relating to taking temperatures with a contactless thermometer.

The documents are located on the Managers’ Sharepoint.


As part of last week’s pay cycle, employees did not receive their Remserv salary sacrifice payment on the due date of 17 April, with payment delayed by up to 48 hours. This was caused by an issue with Remserv’s processing which has since been rectified, with all remaining payments completed today. If any of your employees have questions or concerns, please advise them to contact Remserv directly on 1300 303 940.

Take care.

Kirsty Austin 
General Manager, Services
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life


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