Following is the latest information for Managers in relation to COVID-19. Please take the time to read the below information and share with your team as necessary.  

In recent days, Australia has seen a reduction in the new cases of coronavirus.  Though this is a promising sign, the Government has made it clear that the current restrictions – including those related to staying at home, gatherings and social distancing – must stay in place.  The changes that CPL has made in response to these restrictions will also stay in place – at least for the time being.   

When the time is right, CPL COVID-19 working group will make decisions about how CPL will move back towards regular operation.  Until then, please continue to operate under the current directives and seek support from your Regional or General Manager if you have any questions. 

As part of our broader tracking and planning, PLC has drafted a secondary employment form, for completion by any employee who has a second job outside of CPL. 

The purpose of this form to help us track and understand potential health risks and exposure pathways outside of our organisation.  

If any of your team have additional employment, please ask them to fill in this form and return it to as soon as possible.  

A few weeks ago, CPL introduced new visitor guidelines at all SILs. From tomorrow, Saturday 25 April, we will be implementing further measures for both visitors and employees at Hillcrest and Fig Tree Pocket. 

From tomorrow, each employee will be asked to complete a health declaration at the start of their shift.  In addition to this, on arrival, employees and visitors will have their temperature taken using a contactless thermometer.  Anyone who has an elevated temperature (37.5 degrees Celsius or over) – even if they feel well and have no symptoms of illness – will not be permitted to enter the site.  

It is important to note that these measures are only in place for Hillcrest and Fig Tree Pocket at this stage.  Some other high risk SILs may wish to implement a similar procedure where it provides families a measure of comfort.  Please seek Regional Manager approval before implementing any changes or communicating with clients or employees.  


Take care.

Wendy Lavelle  
Chief Operating Officer  
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life  


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