I hope the long weekend and some changed restrictions enabled you to have additional relaxation and family time over the last few days. Thank you to those of you who worked over the weekend.

Over the past week and throughout this week, a number of managers are participating in sessions to plan how CPL will transition back to full service delivery as community restrictions ease.  Our decisions on how we operationalise a staged return will continue to be aligned with government advice, however, we have begun mapping out how our return might look.  We will share this information with you as soon as it is finalised, so that clients and employees have time to prepare.  So please keep an eye out on communications over the coming days and weeks.

Version five of the Service Action Plan has now been published on the dedicated Sharepoint. This version now includes the addition of information relating to health declarations of employees, temperature checks at some SIL locations, and extended social isolation following the return of a negative COVID-19 test.

A reminder that only those who require access to the Service Action Plan have been granted access to this document. If you don’t have access, please speak to your Regional Manager or General Manager.

As you know, we have been working on a new intranet for some time to enhance access to documents and information.  A critical final step before the intranet can be launched is the completion by all employees of cyber awareness training. 

Today, a reminder email will be sent to every person who has not completed this training.  In addition to this reminder email, we ask that all Managers log into the manager’s dashboard of the Learning Hub, check who hasn’t completed this training and make contact to remind them.

Anyone who has not completed this training when the intranet launches may have their access restricted.  Please ensure your team complete the training.


Just a reminder that the ICT helpdesk is for the exclusive use of CPL employees.  Please do not give out the helpdesk number to clients.  There have been a number of calls in the past week from clients seeking support for Zoom.  There are CPL resources available for people who receive invitations to participate in Zoom sessions. There are also widely available online resources to provide guidance, including the Zoom website. Please gather information from our clients on the difficulties they have with accessing our online programs so we can be informed and proactive about online delivery development, but do not direct them to IT helpdesk.

Kind regards

Wendy Lavelle  
Chief Operating Officer  
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life  


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