As you know, the Government has outlined a three-staged approach to lifting COVID-19 restrictions, which will guide CPL’s plan for lifting restrictions. They are outlined below.  In line with this, we anticipate we will have fewer COVID-19 updates over the coming weeks with the goal of having just one Manager Update per week unless there are urgent matters to share.  

Thank you to each of you for taking the time to read these updates and keeping your teams informed during this period. Following is this week’s update.  

You may recall that in late March we made changes or introduced restrictions to a range of business activities including access to sites, travel, events, use of volunteers and training. 

Each of these activities has been reviewed in light of the Queensland Government’s Roadmap to Recovery and decisions made as follows. (Please note that there will be some variances to activities in NSW, pending further detail from the NSW Government.) 

  • DSW recruitment group assessments – These will recommence from 15 May within the required group size.
  • Face-to-face job interviews – These will recommence from 15 May for positions that have been approved under the new delegations.
  • Air travel within Queensland – This may recommence from 15 May, for essential trips and for which there is pre-approval from an Executive.
  • Cross-border travel (NSW/QLD) - This remains restricted by Government and will be reassessed in line with Government directives (including quarantine requirements). Existing arrangements will continue as is.
  • Air travel interstate – This remains restricted by CPL and will be reassessed in line with Government directives (including quarantine requirements).
  • Participation in industry briefings – This activity remains virtual/online delivery only. 
  • Visits to client sites by any employee in a non-client facing role– This remains restricted until further notice.
  • Visits to corporate offices by client-facing employees – This remains restricted until further notice.
  • Use of volunteers – This remains restricted until further notice.
  • Transporting of clients in any vehicle - The current restrictions remain in place until further notice.
  • Events held for marketing, fundraising or community purposes – These remain restricted by CPL until 10 July, when larger gatherings are permitted by the Queensland Government.  Any events, however, must be conducted in line with Government guidelines and Executive approval sought prior to scheduling. 

If you are planning an activity and are unclear about how these restrictions apply, please contact your RM, General Manager or Executive Manager to discuss. 

Please remember that, in addition to the above, social distancing rules apply.  So please ensure you keep 1.5 metres from others and allow 4 square metres of space per person for any type of gathering 

As part of CPL’s forward planning for a return to CPL sites, we have been considering what measures should be introduced to comply with social distancing and ensure a safe and hygienic workplace.   

As a result of this planning, all sites will be required to make changes to their physical environment.  For some, this will include removal of shared kitchen utensils and appliances; introduction of pre-packaged tea and coffee; signage to direct pedestrian flow throughout the office. 

Limits on occupation of rooms and shared spaces and additional hygiene directives for employees continue to apply in every site. It is important that those measures are applied consistently across all CPL sites – even those that have continued to operate throughout the pandemic.   

If you have responsibility for a CPL service location, including Mylestones, you will soon receive some information and resources to help you implement these changes at your site, including a series of posters.  Please keep an eye out for these and ensure you make the required changes before additional employees or clients return to the site. 

There are a number of CPL vehicles that are due for service.  All employees with a vehicle needing a service have been contacted by Fleet, but names will also be provided to Regional Managers.  With most employees using their vehicles less during this period, this is the ideal time to arrange a service so please remind your employees to book in.  Contactless servicing is available. 


The increased use of disposable wipes for cleaning during coronavirus has brought with it a spike in plumbing problems caused by non-flushable items being disposed incorrectly in the toilet. It is very important that only flushable items are put in the toilet. Please remind your staff of flushable and non-flushable items and ensure they are disposed of appropriately.

Drain blockages are not only expensive to fix but can lead to health risks, not to mention the impact on the environment. The presence of tradespeople on site can also expose our clients to additional risk. Please share this message with your team to ensure they are aware of the appropriate disposal methods for the above items.

Take care.

Wendy Lavelle  
Chief Operating Officer  
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life  


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