I hope you are all keeping well. Thank you to everyone for their continued commitment to our clients during this time, particularly those who worked so hard to reopen many of our SICs this week. Below is this week’s Managers' update. Please share the below with your teams where appropriate.

Next week we will begin rolling out refresher training on fatigue management to all DSW. Refresher training on this topic is mandatory for all DSWs, even those who may have recently completed training on this subject as part of their induction.

Everyone who needs to undertake this training will receive an email. Priority groups of DSWs have been identified, many of whom will receive a phone call offering additional support for completion.

Once training instructions are provided, Managers are asked to regularly check in with their employees (and via the Learning Hub) to ensure completion. If you are not sure how to use the Learning Hub to check which of your employees has completed the training, then please contact the Learning and Development team: training@cpl.org.au

Please note that this training is best completed on a computer, so please ensure you offer assistance to access a CPL computer to employees who may need it.

Refresher training will be rolled out more widely to other staff in coming weeks.

As some business activities begin to return to normal, we anticipate some employees may need to travel for work purposes, including the delivery of training.

Road travel within Queensland under 150km is now permitted and does not require any business or Government approval.

Road travel over 150km or by air, must have prior approval from an Executive. You may also by required to provide evidence to relevant external authorities to support your need to travel across borders.

If you believe you have a business need to travel beyond current travel allowances, then please contact your Regional Manager before you plan your trip.

If you need to cross the border between Queensland and New South Wales – irrespective of distance - please contact your Regional Manager for further advice.

With travel and stay at home restrictions easing, CPL will not be re-issuing essential worker identification letters following their expiry this weekend.

As per the above advice, if an employee needs to travel more than 150km to fulfil the requirements of their role, please contact your Regional Manager who will work with PLC to determine the need for a new identification letter. Please note also that the current restrictions to transport of clients in vehicles remain in place.

CPL's Feedback and Complaints Management Procedure has been updated. All CPL regions will soon be required to lodge, report, progress and finalise all complaints using the RiskMan system. The new system is being piloted now in select areas. Thank you to those areas for your assistance.

At the conclusion of the pilot, information will be shared across the organisation and the new features will be rolled out to everyone.

Those not participating in the pilot should continue with the current process, with the exception of any complaints related to the NDIS Commission which should be sent to: robert.irvin@cpl.org.au

If you require further information, please contact complaints@cpl.org.au.

The Government has amended its guidelines regarding temperature checks for aged care facilities. Accordingly, CPL has updated our temperature guidelines and procedures to increase the temperature limit from 37.5 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees.

That is, any client, employee or visitor presenting to CPL with a temperature of 38 degrees or over will not be permitted to enter the workplace or premise.

The following documents have been updated and are on the Managers’ Sharepoint.

The WHS team is currently updating the Risk Assessment register, so please ensure you have completed the yearly review for all risk assessments as soon as possible. As part of this process please ensure:

  • Any employee/s who have identified a risk associated with an activity, task, or event have completed the Risk Assessment - General form, available on the Intranet
  • Employees have consulted with other employees or clients who are involved in the activity for their input and feedback and then seek relevant Supervisor/Manager approval.

Once the above is complete, please email a completed Risk Assessment to HRHealthSafetyGroup@cpl.org.au

If a Risk Assessment already exists, and is still current (reviewed yearly), implement Risk Assessment and SLAM it. 

We now have a plentiful store of sanitisation and cleaning products ready to dispatch to all sites for use. Please remember to simply order what you need through the PPE Requests email, pperequests@cpl.org.au, and the team will send out to you. Some of the products available for order include, disinfectant, surface spray, wipes and hand sanitiser.

We also have a small stock of mop buckets and mop heads. If you have a need for these at your site please send through your request.

Thanks everyone for another great week of working the CPL way to support our clients.


Kind regards

Wendy Lavelle  
Chief Operating Officer  
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life  


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