Following is this week’s Managers’ update. Please share with your teams where necessary.  

Yesterday, employees from our Community and In-Home Support teams received an email about mandatory training on fatigue management. The last couple of months have been incredibly busy for many of us, which is why it’s important to remind ourselves and our team of the signs of fatigue.  

This training should take employees 15 minutes to complete. Employees will be paid to complete the training and should add this to their next timesheet for approval.   Please note, this training must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer.  If you have team members who do not have access to a computer, please make arrangements so they can come into a CPL office to complete the training. 

In line with the changes announced by the Queensland and New South Wales governments over the last week, CPL has updated our planned return to service delivery in both states. In line with this, we have updated the Support in the Community Preparation and Behaviours document and uploaded the new version of the Service Action Plan on SharePoint. 

As you know, travel restrictions have now been lifted within Queensland to allow travel throughout the state. Despite this, Executive approval is still required for air travel, in line with the delegations table.  If you need to travel via air within Queensland, please speak to your Executive team member as soon as possible.

As we approach the end of the financial year, we wanted to remind you that CPL operates a one-touch payroll system.  This means payment summaries, previously known as group certificates, are not sent to employees. Instead, employees can find their group certificate on their MyGov account after the end of the financial year.  

We will be reminding all employees of this in the last week of June; but if you receive any queries, please ensure you direct your employees to MyGov rather than Payroll or PLC.  

After a very busy few months and with restrictions easing, we expect many team members will want to take time off. Please make sure all team members submit a leave form for any planned leave as soon as possible.  And remember to also ensure team members submit a leave application for sick and carer’s leave absences as soon as they return to the workplace.  

In keeping with the rerun to BAU plan, we have started to ease approvals on contractors attending sites to perform maintenance or repair works. At the moment, work is resuming on some sites and work will be approved on a site-by-site basis for the remainder of June. All restrictions for preventative maintenance will resume from 1 July.  If you have any urgent repair works requiring attention please contact the helpdesk or property department. 

Take care.


Kind regards

Wendy Lavelle  
Chief Operating Officer  
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life  


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