By now you will be aware the Government has created a three-step plan to lifting COVID-19 restrictions.  The QLD Government has recently proposed Stage One easements will commence from Saturday 16 May.  Of most significance to us in Allied Health will be our renewed ability to:

  1. Provide hydrotherapy via re-opening of public pools, and;
  2. Provide support to customers who attend group activities provided by our Support in Community colleagues.

However, as supports re-commence, I want to assure you that our CPL COVID-19 response team and Clinical Governance Unit are working together to ensure they are supporting both you and our customers.  They are doing this by reviewing every business decision, to ensure that the safety of CPL employees and customers is considered first and foremost.

In noting that, please be advised of the following updates:

Telehealth has helped support our business significantly over the last 6-8 weeks where it supported up to 20% of our business unit income.  We thank everyone for helping support our customers through innovative service delivery.  Given its success, we intend to send an anonymous survey to customers and therapists alike to get feedback on the strengths and areas of improvement for telehealth.

Before any hydrotherapy can re-commence for any site, planning will be required to reset any and all expectations with customers regarding service delivery.  This includes potentially taking into account any new advice from our Clinical Governance Team, and ensuring all customers are charged appropriately i.e. travel and admission.

Everyone should have received an email on 6 May explaining how CPL can support our customers with the purchase of low-cost Assistive Technology via a supporting letter.  As with most things in NDIS space, it is a rapidly changing environment and whilst it applies until 30 September, it is being reviewed before the end of June 2020.  If this results in a change to timelines, we will distribute an update.

Since 25 March, the cancellation notification period and fee applied was lifted, in line with NDIA rules.  Again, as per Low-Cost Technology, this applies until 30 September but has a review occurring before the end of June 2020.  If this results in a change to timelines, we will distribute an update.

Keep up your amazing support to our CPL client, and thank you for all your hard work.


James Ostapenko
Practice Manager
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life


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