I wanted to start by saying thank you to each of you for your continued commitment to our clients during this time. While we have had to change the way we deliver therapy, we have continued to support our clients to keep reaching their goals.  This is particularly evidenced on the week of 27 April where approximately one-fifth of appointments booked were Telehealth appointments.  

As per communication sent 14 May, Queensland has outlined a three-stage approach to lifting restrictions, which includes the opening of public facilities and an increase in gatherings.  However, Allied Health will still face the following restrictions over the coming weeks:

Local councils are conducting their own business continuity planning meaning many local aquatic centres continue to be closed.  We will continue to monitor this and communicate more details with you when this information is available.  I will welcome any early notification to help us plan our return to ‘normal’ if you become aware of any local changes. 

On Monday 25 May, our Support in the Community (SIC) centres will reopen and begin delivering programs on-site. While this service delivery will look different, we hope that having our clients back in the centre will create routines and rebuild connections.  However, it is imperative we work together as a team if a customer is seeking or requires a therapy appointment.  We must ensure that it can be provided in a safe and appropriate way whilst current restrictions are in place.  As an example, this may require; changing rooms, seeing clients before or after groups, and/or the local service manager reviewing the total planned group attendance. 

CPL’s COVID-19 Working Group has a carefully planned approach to returning to normal service delivery. To ensure we are prepared for our staged return to service delivery, we have created a consolidated document for all our Allied Health team members to read and action. You will find information about how to prepare our CPL sites, therapy rooms, and common areas. If you have any questions, please send me an email.  

I hope you and your team are looking forward to welcoming our clients back to the centre in the coming weeks.  


James Ostapenko
Practice Manager
CPL – Choice, Passion, Life


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