Assistive technology

Assistive technology is a device or system that makes it easier to undertake daily activities and participate in community life. Assistive technology can promote greater independence and allow you to perform tasks that are otherwise difficult. We offer a range of assistive technology solutions to support you every day.

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Communication books and boards

What happens when the batteries die, or if you need a more robust communication option? We operate a Communication Board Service providing low tech communication solutions designed to your specific, unique requirements. And it's available Australia wide.

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Mobility equipment and seating prescription

When it comes to comfort you shouldn’t settle for second best. Our therapists are highly skilled at prescribing seating and mobility equipment and are well placed to assist you in securing the most beneficial technology for your comfort, support and access needs.

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Equipment & Aids - FAQs

The NDIS has a support category named "Assistive Technology" so you can get funding for the equipment you need. Make sure you include a goal in your NDIS Plan that explains the daily tasks which would be made easier or possible with this technology. 

You can speak to your NDIS planner for support in establishing your Assistive Technology goals.

No, it's any device or equipment that would make an activity easier for a person. For example, wheelchairs, adaptive cutlery, and shower chairs are all Assistive Technology.

When you make an appointment to see a CPL Allied Health therapist, like an Occupational Therapist or a Speech Pathologist, they will assess your needs and work with you to find the equipment that suits you best.