We can offer a helping hand and ease the load by creating a support schedule that helps you and your family. This may be through support at home to keep routines going, assisting your loved ones into the community when you can't be there, or support to manage stress, emotions and general life.

Social work 

We offer a range of social work services to support parents and carers to manage in their busy roles. This includes helping parents and family care givers with insights to better manage stress and emotions, counselling around grief and loss, providing strategies for behaviour support, and many other services to promote greater emotional health and wellbeing.

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My Time program

Sharing ideas, experiences and concerns can often be therapeutic, which is why we offer parents and carers free peer support at our My Time Support group. This carers support is designed for you to share information and ideas, as well as meet other people who, like you, are caring for someone with a disability and face many of the same challenges you do every day. It’s also a great opportunity to build a support network.

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