What is early invention?

Early childhood intervention services help children to increase their skills and actively take part in everyday activities. Through therapy, we will help your child to learn self-care skills, play skills, and fine and gross motor skills, so they can reach their full potential. Early childhood intervention services can reduce the amount of supports needed later in life while assisting families with learning how to best support their child and manage expectations.

Early intervention therapy in everyday activities

We integrate these therapies into everyday activities and routines from an early age because this is the best time to maximise results. By introducing and working on skill development exercises in early childhood, children and families may reduce the amount of supports they need later on in life. We work with families to give them the tools and knowledge to learn how to better support their child to achieve their goals.

Reaching milestones

We can work with children to achieve developmental milestones in:

Gross motor skills

  • This includes balance and standing, walking, jumping or riding a bike

Communication and language

  • This includes talking, understanding and using aids for communication

Fine motor and cognitive skills

  • This can vary from dressing and fastening buttons, drawing and cutting to eating and using the toilet

Social and emotional development

  • This includes building relationships with other children and developing play skills

Resources and support for your family

When it comes to early intervention, we provide care, communication and assistance for families including:

  • Information such as educational resources, support and parent education programs
  • An individual early intervention therapy program
  • Access to group therapy programs targeted to enhance early developmental skills
  • Assistance to access and participate in childcare, kindy, prep, play groups and other child and family services and the broader community
  • Prescription and assessment of equipment
  • Support to transition to the next educational setting including school
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Telehealth appointments

At CPL our Allied Health team are here to support you to access the therapies you need, in a way that suits your lifestyle. Our Telehealth appointments allow families to have access to consistent therapy services and expert support even when they can’t attend a face-to-face session.

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