Speech therapy for children, teenagers and adults

  • Developing communication skills and learning how to use other forms of communication such as key word signing or visual language systems
  • Assessing swallowing difficulties and providing mealtime management recommendations for children who have difficulty swallowing fluids, food, medications and maintaining oral hygiene
  • Prescribing assistive technology, communication books and boards
  • Assistance forming sounds and words
  • Developing reading and comprehension skills
  • Exploring and developing the best ways to communicate
  • Promoting clear and smooth speech (for example, supporting children who stutter)
  • Developing skills that promote reading
  • Understanding visual cues


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For more information about speech therapy, our dedicated speech pathologists can support you. Please call us on 1800 275 753 or send an online enquiry

Group of children with disabilities smile and laugh in a group setting

"Speech Therapy gives people a voice, whether it’s verbal or not. Early intervention is essential, so we do try to get people into speech therapy as soon as possible, which can set them up to participate and succeed in life." - Deb Burmester, Senior Speech Pathologist at CPL