Group therapy for children

Group therapy activities complement your child’s individual therapy by promoting the opportunity for them to be active learners, and to share common experiences, successes and challenges with other children.

Our groups are centred around six key areas:

  • Communication
  • Physical skills
  • Play
  • School readiness
  • Self-care and life skills
  • Community participation and social skills

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Our therapy groups

Does your child aged 6-11 years need a change from their therapy routine? Bring your kids and their siblings along to our Beach Buddies therapy group! Beach Buddies is for children who wish to participate in beach based activities like running, relays and tug of war.

The group will give your children the opportunity to:

  • Develop core strength, balance and mobility
  • Work towards their individual therapy goals in a fun environment
  • Socialise with other kids and families

Does your child aged 6 - 11 years need a change from their therapy routine? Bring your kids and their siblings along to our Beach Buggies therapy group! Beach Buggies is for children who wish to participate in beach based activities in a beach wheelchair. This group will include water based activities with the child and their carer, as well as sensory exploration of the beach environment.

The group will give your children the opportunity to:

  • Develop core strength, balance and mobility
  • Work towards their individual therapy goals in a fun environment
  • Socialise with other kids and families

Does your child have tight muscles or difficulty balancing? Come along to CPL’s Bend N’ Zen group therapy for children aged 6 to 12 who are focusing on goals related to strength, flexibility and balance. 

Run by physiotherapists and occupational therapists, this fun program will support your child to:

  • Explore the positive effects of yoga & pilates
  • Develop strength, balance & flexibility
  • Develop breathing & relaxation skills
  • Learn & practice new skills in a supportive environment

Is your child a budding sportsperson or simply want to include more movement in their day? Join our fun Fit4Life group circuit sessions run by CPL’s physiotherapists! This group therapy program is for children and teenagers aged 9 - 17 who are able to follow instructions independently and safely.  Individuals will be provided with a gym program and access to CPL’s equipment to continue their fitness journey. Participants of all mobility levels welcome!

This group can help your child to:

  • Develop strength and flexibility 
  • Develop cardiovascular fitness 
  • Maintain their fitness independently in the future

Is your child a fussy eater? Bring them along to our Food Explorers program. This program is for children aged 5-12 years who can safely swallow.

The session aims to:

  • Support your child in exploring food in a fun and safe environment
  • Debunk myths around mealtime
  • Address oral-motor skills
  • Explore aspects of nutrition

Want to learn how you can help support your child’s language development? Join our Adapted Hanen It Takes Two to
Talk program for parents, run by one of CPL’s speech pathologists, and learn some easy-to-use strategies today!

This 6-session programs for parents/carers of young children with communication skills ranging from reactions to the environment (not yet sending messages on purpose) through to using 2-3 word phrases.

Learn how to:
• Start interactions
• Take more turns in interactions
• Send messages on purpose
• Use more words
• Combine words together in phrases.

Would you benefit from practical tools to help your child learn to communicate? Come along to our adapted* internationally recognised Hanen More Than Words program! Run by CPL’s speech and language pathologists, this group is aimed at parents of children aged under 7 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This practical and supportive group will help parents better understand:

  • How their child communicates
  • How their child learns
  • What motivates their child to communicate
  • Ways to encourage social interaction
  • How to integrate communication opportunities into daily routines

Our Hydrotherapy group is for children 2 years and older. The sessions are lots of fun, filled with therapy, games and activities which will help improve: 

  • Movement
  • Coordination and strength
  • Balance while standing and walking
  • Head control and posture
  • Tone management
  • Range of movement and flexibility

CPL’s Marvellous Me group is designed for children aged 8-11 years to support the development of self-esteem. Run by a CPL social worker, our Marvellous Me group supports your child to:

  • Understand their disability 
  • Increase self-esteem and build resilience
  • Learn coping strategies that can be applied in real life situations
  • Build an understanding of personal strengths
  • Develop social skills and meet new friends

Do you want to support your child's development through a fun playgroup for kids under 4? Our Play & Grow group lets your child participant in engaging activities and connect with other child. 

This program offers:

  • Accessible play ideas for all children
  • Ideas for incorporating therapy goals in play
  • Explore different positions for play
  • Experiences of your child to understand routine 
  • Activity ideas for you to take home
  • Parent networking and support

Do you want to grow your child’s ability to read and communicate?

Run by CPL speech and language pathologists, our Read & Grow program is for children aged 2 to 5 years.
Our story-time sessions will support:

  • Talking and build vocabulary
  • Knowledge about books
  • Explore new ways of reading
  • Communicating in a fun and interactive group setting

CPL’s Sports Stars is a program for children aged 5-12 years who can move independently. Our fun and engaging group therapy program aims to develop the necessary skills to participate in a range of team sports and sports day activities. 

Sports Stars focuses on getting outside, being active and includes: 

  • Participation in team sports
  • Development of cardiovascular fitness
  • Development of specific sports skills including catching, throwing, kicking and batting
  • Learning the basic rules of team sports
  • Working towards individual client goals in a group setting

Storytelling is a powerful medium. It is an important part of a child’s oral language development and an essential stepping stone to written expression. 

In our Story Detectives group for children aged 8 - 12 years, your child will:

  • Investigate stories
  • Identify key elements of the story
  • Discuss how key elements work together to create an interesting story
  • Explore stories through puppetry, role playing and illustrations

Do you want to develop your child’s social skills in a fun and safe environment? Super Social Skills is run by a CPL speech and language pathologist. 

Our Super Social Skills program support children and teens to:

  • Make friends
  • Improve their conversation skills
  • Understand and manage emotions
  • Use social media appropriately

CPL’s Techno Kids program gives children with disabilities (aged 2 to 5), and their families, the opportunity to trial a range of assistive technology during play and pre-school activities. Run by CPL’s assistive technology specialists, including an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and physiotherapist, our program will help your child:

  • Reach their communication, assistive technology access, and mobility goals.
  • Provide individual attention to participants while promoting a fun and interactive learning environment

Is your child starting school soon? Come along to our Tools 4 School group! Run by CPL’s multidisciplinary Allied Health therapy team, this group is aimed at preparing your child for their first year of school. 

The fun and interactive activities target:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Early literacy and language skills
  • The development of friendships
  • Basic self-care skills including how to manage mealtimes and toilet breaks
  • Self-advocacy skills

Do you want to improve your child’s mobility, balance and coordination? CPL’s Turn N’ Tumble gym group develops mobility skills in a supportive and energetic group environment. It’s for children aged 5 to 8 years who can walk by themselves but want to improve their balance and coordination skills. 

This group can help your child to:

  • Develop their fitness, balance and coordination 
  • Explore different surfaces and sensory experiences 
  • Be empowered to practice new skills 
  • Meet and play with other children

Is your child or teen aged 10-18 years and interested in learning to cook? CPL’s What’s Cooking group is run by a CPL occupational therapist, in an accessible kitchen. Together we’ll develop your child’s goals and guide their cooking journey.

During this 5 week program your child will:

  • Try different types of adaptive equipment for cooking
  • Learn how to make simple meals that can be recreated at home
  • Have an opportunity to mix with others

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Ava a young girl with a disability who is smiling

Meet Ava

"CPL has made such a huge difference in our live. It’s just like a little family. Everyone knows each other and they all really care about the clients. If they think of something that would be beneficial for a child, they always do their best to get it done."
- Jess, Ava’s mum