Small steps become big ones

Elyse chooses to make the most out of every day and has proven that she can overcome any barrier and obstacle to live the life she chooses. After lots of support from the CPL Allied Health team, Elyse was able to learn to walk. Once she’d conquered that challenge, the then 10-year-old chose to trek 9km to raise funds to purchase equipment for other children with disabilities. 


Supporting Elyse to chase the best in life

Elyse has accessed a range of allied health services to learn how to walk and become more independent during mealtimes. Because Elyse sometimes has difficulty swallowing, CPL’s Allied Health team needed to find the right mealtime kit for her. When Elyse first trialled her new modified cup, her face lit up - this one cup changed Elyse’s life. It gave her independence and made mealtimes safer and easier for her and her family. 

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