Meet Ivana

Ivana Torres volunteers as Physiotherapy Volunteer Assistant at CPL’s Mt Gravatt centre.

“CPL was running a sports therapy program for children with different levels of cerebral palsy, so I got involved.

“Volunteering has not only allowed me to become an active member of the community but also acquire important life skills and knowledge.

“It means our clients can interact with people apart from their family members and peers, which develops their social skills, and mine!”

Meet Ben

Ben Duka volunteers as a Hydrotherapy Program Assistant at CPL’s Booval centre.

“Being a volunteer allows me to gain an insight into what Physiotherapists do at work and how we can help the community. My favourite part of being a volunteer has been seeing the smile on the kids' faces as they step into the pool.”

Ben has a message for people who are thinking about volunteering: “Definitely do it! You'll meet some amazing people and have the ability to make someone’s' day.”

Meet Valda

Valda Jennings volunteers as a Sewing Mentor at CPL’s Ashgrove centre, sharing her skills and passion for textiles and sewing.

“CPL has provided me with my first opportunity to share my passion for sewing,” said Valda.

“I volunteer because it makes me feel good about myself to share my knowledge and skills. Nothing can compare to someone else's face when they finally achieve something that they desire. 

Meet Ranjana

Ranjana Thenabadu volunteers time at CPL’s Ashgrove centre as a Horticulturalist. 

“At CPL I saw the need for a garden, as plants bring happiness to our lives by interaction, and it enhances a therapeutic value. Having a garden energizes everyone.

“I have now transformed the garden to an aesthetic environment. The clients get hands on experience in gardening and enjoy the harvest.
“The smiles and thrills I see in them is overwhelming. It is hard to put in to words the happiness and the fulfilment I feel.”

Meet Ruth

Ruth Pelaez Rueda recently began volunteering at CPL’s Strathpine centre as a Business Mentor.

"When I first met some the clients at CPL, they didn’t believe they could read or write on their own. There was a lack of self-confidence. We took things slow. After a few weeks of talking things through, they were able to complete their exercises and finish the course.

"I think that anyone can do great things if there is an opportunity. People with disabilities deserve opportunities just as much as any other person.” 

Meet Jodie

Jodie Carle is volunteering as a Communication Group Assistant at Cascade Place, CPL’s Redcliffe centre. 

“I just wanted to do something that involved helping or contributing to the community in some way. I wanted to balance my time spent on corporate career and family with something that could make a difference for somebody else,” Jodie explained.

“I really love the revised mission, focus and approach of CPL. Choice, Passion, Life sums it up perfectly and resonates with me - you have ups and downs in life, but focusing on the positive and getting on with achieving what you want to in life is the only way to go.

Meet Madeline

Madeline Meeke is a volunteer at CPL’s Hervey Bay centre, offering her skills as a Photography Mentor.

“I chose to volunteer because I thought it would be a great learning experience and would allow me to grow and experience new things – and it has!” Madeline said.

“Volunteering is good for my professional development, and has allowed me to be more confident when talking to others.

“I think I add value to the Hervey Bay service by suggesting new places the groups can visit so they can take photos of new surroundings. “It’s nice to see everyone come together as a group and do something that makes them happy.”

Meet Lena

Lena Baily volunteers in the Screech Arts program at CPL’s Springfield centre.

“I love seeing everyone have fun. I get so much back from it; I laugh so much. The sense of humour… the punch lines!”

“It’s amazing to see the ways they’ve adapted their communication skills. I am constantly surprised by how creative everyone is and what they come up with.”

“I look forward to it every week!”