Scott Ellis | Owner, Absolute Security

We’ve been running Absolute Security for eight years now and we’ve never outsourced anything or used a recruitment agency, Mylestones Employment was the first one. As a business owner you can become quite protective of what you’ve built. You have this thought that no one can do it better that you, but the Mylestones Employment team and my new employees have blown me away. My new employee, Tracey is like my right hand! She has taught me so many things and is always looking for ways to improve our business.

Mylestones Employment really took the time to understand my business and find out what I needed and where I wanted it to go in the future. Plus the ongoing support has been great, not just for me but also for the employees they placed here. Go for it!

 Scott Ellis, Absolute Security

Scott Ellis, Owner
Absolute Security



Morgan McCarthy | ​IGA

Wondering what life looked like for Morgan after school was easily the most stressful time of my life; many parents describe it as a black hole. But with the support of Mylestones Employment, it hasn’t been scary, it’s been great!

Morgan was with another employment agency but after six months they said they couldn't support him anymore. That's when we found Mylestones Employment and my experience with them could not have been more different. Straight away he pursued a heap of different roles and Blake, the Job Development Office, actually asked Morgan what he wanted to do. It's always about Morgan and what he could do, not what he couldn't.

I definitely recommend the Mylestones Employment team!

Julia Pearl

Listen to Julia's story and find out how Mylestones Employment supported her to follow her dreams.

James Sturges, Llewellyn Motors

​Listen to James, General Manager of Llewllyn Motors, ​talk about how his business has benefited from hiring people with disabilities!

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