Today, CPL – Choice, Passion, Life (formerly the Cerebral Palsy League) announced it has formed an independent partnership with FSG Australia to provide certainty of service to more than 1,500 customers receiving disability support services, and will seek to offer employment to many FSG staff.

On Thursday 21 June, FSG Australia announced the organisation would enter voluntary administration from 30 June this year, after more than 35 years of providing support to people from all walks of life in South East Queensland and northern New South Wales (down to Ballina).

CPL Chief Executive Officer Rhys Kennedy said the agreement with the Gold Coast-based business will offer FSG’s customers’ continuity of service supports. 

“It’s important to remember that at the centre of this matter are people with disabilities,” Mr Kennedy said. 

“I would like to reassure FSG Australia customers – and the community – that our priority is ensuring that everyone will continue to receive their services and support by our amazing team here at CPL,” he said.

“From 1 July this year, CPL will support FSG customers who receive disability support services to continue their supports at CPL. This is approximately 1,500 customers who live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

“We have sent communications to all FSG customers receiving disability support services and FSG’s staff earlier this afternoon with details on how we can help at CPL, and what the next few days and weeks will look like,” Mr Kennedy said. 

“CPL will begin to offer FSG’s Direct Support Employees (DSEs) employment with CPL in a similar role to the one they held at FSG.

“I am extremely proud that in a year in which we are acknowledging our 70th year of supporting Queenslanders with disability, CPL is also able to extend our support to the customers and staff of an organisation faced with closing its doors after 35 years of operation,” he said.

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