What is the Walkways Mobility Program?

CPL's Walkways Mobility Program (WMP) is a clinic for the assessment, trial and prescription of mobility aids for children such as the Hart Walker.

What's a Hart Walker?

The Hart Walker is a customised, orthotic walking frame that allows children with complex physical support needs to learn to stand and walk hands-free. It is designed to grow with each child's size and development.

Who's the Walkways Mobility Program for?

Children from 2 years old who are:

  • Able to stand with support (in equipment such as a standing frame or supported by parents/therapists)
  • Demonstrating the ability to take a step while standing and supported
  • Motivated to step or walk

What's the process?

  1. Referral
  2. Visit CPL for an Assessment: Our experienced physiotherapists will conduct a full assessment to determine the most appropriate mobility options.
  3. Trial Walkers
  4. Funding Application: We will provide the support to apply for funding of the recommended mobility aid.
  5. Walker Fitting
  6. Follow Up: Regular clinics are run for maintenance and adjustments of walkers as required.

Contact us

For more information about CPL’s Walkways Mobility Program, the Hart Walker and other mobility aids for children, please call us on 1800 275 753 or send an online enquiry.