Are you in a caring role? Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centres provide support services to carers and assists carers with options to take a break through short-term and emergency respite. Call us on 1800 052 222.

Our Centre can assist you with:

  • Providing information on respite & carer support services in your local area & how to access them. 
  • Booking Residential Respite in an Aged Care Facility
  • Residential Respite care for younger people (under 65yrs) with illness or disability 
  • Accessing Cottage Care 
  • In-Home Care (short term) 
  • Recreational Activities in the Community
  • Support to pursue educational opportunities 
  • Assistive Technology/ Aids & Equipment 
  • Referrals

Funding assistance may be available for those experiencing financial stress.

The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre Program is for carers who live the in the Brisbane South region.

Dementia Education and Training for Carers

Dementia Education and Training for Carers Program offers those, who support people living with dementia, with access to short-term assistance, by providing information, education, understanding and support, which aims to enhance their skills and overall connection to appropriate support services.

A Program Coordinator will visit carers either in their home, or in the community, to discuss their needs, offer training, support and, where appropriate, early intervention by assisting the carer and care recipient in future planning, which includes:

•    Developing and reviewing a care plan, taking into consideration their individual needs.
•    Providing in-home education, training and support related to caring for a person with dementia.
•    Providing information about a wide range of service options that are available in their local area.
•    Offering assistance with access to appropriate community supports and services.
•    Facilitating discussions and access to respite options that meet their respite needs.
•    Linking carers with education and training delivered in a group setting.

The Dementia Education and Training for Carers Program is for carers who live the in the Brisbane South region.

Consumer Directed Respite for Carers

The Consumer Directed Respite Care program provides a one off package to enable carers of people over the age of 65 years old, to take a break from their caring role, giving carers a greater say and more control over the design and delivery of respite service provided to them and the person they care for. The program’s aim is to promote a better quality of life for the carer, with increased independence and empowerment over the services they are receiving. 

The Consumer Directed Respite Care program is for carers who live the in the Brisbane South region.

Young Carers

Are you 18 years old or younger and are in a caring role at home? The Young Carers program assists young people who are at risk of early exit from primary or secondary education due to the care and support they provide for someone with a disability, a mental illness, a physical condition, alcohol or drug dependency, or someone who is frail with age.

Assistance provides to assist a Young Carer to continue and engage in your education whilst managing your caring role can include advocacy at school, financial assistance for some school based resource fees (some uniform support, camp fees etc), in-home tutoring support, assistance to obtain license (including funding driving lessons and the payment of all fees associated with application), regular weekend and school holiday activities that are free for you (and sometimes your family members) and encouraging you to take a break and to engage with other young carers.

The Young Carer program is for customers who live the in the Brisbane South region. 

Emergency Response Funding

Are you experiencing a crisis situation and would benefit from extra short term support?

We might be able to assist you through Emergency Response Funding Program. The program provides flexible, short term support to adults and children with a disability, their families and carers who are experiencing an emergency and are unable to access other forms of support in a timely manner.  

To be eligible for this type of funding you would need to:

  • Be living in the greater Brisbane region.
  • Be experiencing an emergency and crisis situation
  • Require minimum one-off funded support to continue to maintain the family and caring situation
  • Not be able to receive support through any other scheme/s in a timely manner
  • Not require ongoing/recurrent and/or planned support