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About the Winnie Dunn Conference

Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main Ave, Coorparoo
15th June, 2018 to 16th June, 2018
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Workshop overview

Friday 15th June - 8:30am – 4:30pm (registration opens 8am) 
Saturday 16th June – 9am – 4pm 

In this workshop, we will explore Dunn's Sensory Processing Framework and the evidence supporting a strengths based sensory processing approach to care in children and adult's everyday contexts. 

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  • We will discuss behaviours associated with sensory processing in the home, community and at school contexts.
  • We will examine the role of sensory processing patterns for children with conditions such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and practice how to write and talk about strengths and sensory processing with families, teachers and other colleagues.
  • One of the emerging evidence based practices is coaching; we will summarise the key principles of coaching, watch video examples and practice coaching with each other. 
What you'll learn

By attending the conference, ​participants will:

  • Understand the sensory processing model and the evidence based sensory processing practices 
  • Understand strengths based approach to sensory processing interventions
  • ​Have an overview on the research on ASD on Sensory Processing and impact on interventions/outcomes
  • ​Be skilled in using Coaching in interventions with parents 
  • ​Understand the interaction of Sensory Processing with Cerebral Palsy
  • Have understanding of how behaviour and Sensory Processing interact  
  • ​Know best practice for communicating and reporting to families about sensory processing difficulties 
  • Gain knowledge on how to help children with Sensory Processing difficulties engage at school 
  • Be skilled in using Coaching in interventions with parents
  • Understand the interaction of Sensory Processing with Cerebral Palsy

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What people are saying about the Winnie Dunn Conference

“Attending one of Winnie Dunn’s workshops was one of the best professional development decisions I’ve made. Her workshops provided practical evidence based approaches that helped implement functional strategies for my clients.

“Learning how to interpret an observation of my client in their environment along with a Sensory Profile, enhanced my knowledge and skills to better help clients use their strengths to participate in their environments to the best of their capacity.

“I’m looking forward hearing more about Sensory Processing and some specific diagnoses, behavioural issues and Coaching in Winnie’s upcoming workshop in Brisbane in June 2018.”
- Michelle Hollier, Senior Occupational Therapist

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About the Winnie Dunn Conference

Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main Ave, Coorparoo