Clay Lofts, Ethan Knight and Deb Wheeler

To produce this spectacular work, the artists chose to paint the background black, to provide a base for the boldness and warmth of the colourful blooms layered on top.

The effect was created using a balloon, gently pushed onto the paint and pressed in a circular motion to turn it into these beautiful and unique blooms.

Darrin Simpson

The artist experimented with new techniques and paint applications to create the beautiful artwork featured in this Christmas card, producing cloudy skies with sponges and sprinkling stars across the top.

Jasmine Ludlow, Sue McGreevy and Jack Horne

The artwork featured in this Christmas card was a collaborative work by three artists. Each artist agreed a big scene was required to set off the bold background colours on the canvas.

The Nudgee Beach scenery was the inspiration for the work, and was recreated through a splatter effect, with contrasting colours used to represent beach grasses and flowers.