Daniel Swart

Daniel is a photographer, film maker, songwriter and musician who has also been involved in the visual art program for more than 12 years. Over this time his work has matured and his style has developed further due to his interest in photography.

Daniel has been documenting sunsets for several years and he has begun a series of reduction wood block relief prints of some of his favourite photos. Dan has found carving his designs into wood really satisfying, he believes the grain of the wood enhances the finish of the final work.

John Graham

John Graham has been a client of CPL since approximately 1963. Before moving into Fig Tree Pocket John was a resident of Seven Oaks.

John attended SITC at Ashgrove until last year when he had to give it up due to health issues. John is a very keen artist and loves the creative side of him that surfaces when he has a blank canvass in front of him. Even though John no longer attends Ashgrove he still enjoys expressing himself through art at home whenever he can.

Jon Baldwin

Jonathon is deeply interested in sharks, crocodiles and snakes. His curiosity vacillates between his fear of what they can do and his respect for their power. When Jon is in Artel he channels all of this emotional fascination into his drawings, paintings and prints creating a richly worked surface with unusual characters acting out his thoughts – all of them with big, sharp pointy teeth.  

His self-portrait was Jon’s first work he made in the art program in 2006, it was the beginning of a new avenue of investigation into photography and figurative interpretation that combined his further interests in illustration, cartoons and anime.  

Matthew Merritt

Matthew enjoys creating digital illustrations depicting new urban development in his local surroundings of Springfield. Matthew educates himself on current plans for expansion in the Springfield region because, along with his art, it helps him prepare for changes in his environment without insecurities.

Matthew also enjoys music production and can be often found in CPL Springfield’s music studio working alongside Peter Nelson.