Employment is about more than just a job. Working and earning your own money brings with it a sense of pride and achievement. We can support you to find, apply, gain and retain employment through our range of employment pathways. We’ll work with you to understand your interests and goals, providing you with the skills and tools you need to chase that dream. 

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Independent living

Looking for a place of your own? We can assess and discuss your housing options so that you can choose the one that’s right for you. After this, we can create a plan for in-home assistance, which might include things like help with domestic chores, meal-time preparation, personal care and overnight support.  

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Getting out into the community

We can work with you do the things that are important to you now – whether it’s attending events, enjoying activities you love, catching up with family, or just doing the shopping. We're here whenever you need us, to help you live the kind of life you want. 

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Creative, recreational and life skills programs

Keen to meet people and try new things? Our programs at our centres and out and about are a great place to start. And there's lots to choose from. Maybe this month you'll cook something delicious, and the next you want to give surfing a go. You get the flexibility to opt-in whenever you want. Shake up your routine each month or stay longer to master a new skill, it's up to you.

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Equipment and aids

At CPL, our therapists can provide advice on new tools or communication technologies available, modifications for your existing equipment as you grow and gain greater independence, and also prescribe additional equipment which may make everyday living easier.

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Home support

Whatever it is you are looking for, be it getting ready for the day ahead, help at meal times, personal care or overnight assistance, our support workers can create a schedule to suit you. We know how important it is to have a positive relationship with the person you are inviting into your home every day to support you, which is why we will work hard to match you with someone who understands your preferences and goals, and can support you to achieve them.


CPL’s allied health professionals provide age specific and targeted therapy intervention for adults. Our range of therapies includes physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy and social work. Live more comfortably and with more independence.

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