Our mission

Our mission is an inclusive society for all people. A world where people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. A world where we are all equal. A world where labels don’t exist. A world where everyone believes in the power of each individual and their ability to change the world. We’re not there yet. We’re 70 years into our journey and if our past has taught us one thing, it's that we'll never stop striving for better. We won’t stop until we can see a world where everyone can live with choice, passion and life. 

Our difference

Our attitude is what makes us different. We’re hopeful, determinedly enthusiastic and down-to-earth. We’re the team who believe. We’re the team who are by your side and refuse to settle for anything less than the very best. 

We’re also one of Queensland’s only integrated service providers where, in the majority of locations, you can receive therapy, employment, home and community support services all from CPL. 


We love to discover

Our 70 years have taught us that searching and learning is where the magic happens, so we’re constantly seeking new horizons, conversations and experiences. We seek out the undiscovered, unexpected opportunity to act and believe in sharing our discoveries and starting discussions. 



We believe in complete solutions

Every individual has potential and aspirations, which shouldn’t be confined by assumptions. We work at providing comprehensive and holistic support wherever necessary – physical, emotional or social, and we began with a simple question: “What do you really want from life?”

We invest in people

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead we invest time, effort, intelligence and creativity to develop fully considered, complementary services that deliver meaningful benefits for our clients, partners and sector.

70 years of CPL

2018 marked 70 years of CPL working alongside people with disabilities and their families throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We acknowledged this milestone across Queensland and Northern New South Wales throughout the year. 

CPL Milestone 70 Years

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