Join us in celebrating our CPL community, and the stories of five people sharing their experiences in their own words.

At CPL, we work every day towards breaking down barriers and reducing inequalities, and our community has as many remarkable stories as individuals, and we’re so glad to be able to provide a platform to share just a few of them with you.

In these videos, Doug, Karen, Sarah, Joan and Michael reflect on their journeys as people living with disability, and their achievements and their joys, but also the challenges they have overcome. Each story is unique, and yet shares common themes of empowerment and lives lived with passion.

Doug's Story

Follow Doug's story through his time at CPL and Cootharinga. Through all the ups and downs Doug’s love for his community and his family shines through, as well as his independent and determined spirit.

We hope by sharing it we can amplify his voice and create understanding of his experience.  

Karen's Story

Watch Karen's journey of using theatre and music to combat mental health challenges and find happiness and balance in her life.

Karen uses her challenges with mental health to fuel and inspire her art, and to empower others to face their own challenges. 

Sarah's Story

Hear Sarah's unique journey to become her best self. Sarah has never allowed herself to be held back in life, and through her own determination has flourished.

From childhood, to raising children herself, and everything in between! We couldn't be prouder to share Sarah's story.

Joan's Story

Follow Joan's lead, and whatever you want to achieve in life, make it happen! Joan lives an extraordinary life, surrounded by people who treat her with the dignity and respect that she deserves.

Joan's refreshing philosophy on life has allowed her to always chase her dreams, and when she reaches one, she finds a new one. 

Michael's Story

Listen to Michael's story of overcoming barriers and discrimination to climb the career ladder - and how it only increased his desire to support others. 

In his retirement from a long career at the ATO, Michael still mentors those who can benefit from his knowledge and insight.

We’re grateful to Doug, Karen, Sarah, Joan and Michael for allowing us to share their stories – by sharing these videos, we hope to foster a greater understanding of the lived experiences of people with disability, as we continue to work towards a more inclusive world.


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