CPL is passionate about our mission of creating an inclusive society for all and is committed to corporate and community organisations that share this same goal. We work collaboratively with organisations to create long term, mutually beneficial partnerships that solve some of the most pressing issues affecting people with disability and create solutions for a brighter inclusive future.

It's all about shared value, working together to create a better future.

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Why partner with CPL?

We run programs and initiatives designed to empower our clients to live the life they choose. Each of these present opportunities for organisations to align their brand and objectives with a powerful cause, focused on positive change.

Partnerships are built on trust, shared values and loyalty, but most importantly CPL partnerships are built with progressive organisations with heart.

CPL’s Partnerships can:

  • Identify opportunities for revenue diversity
  • Strengthen and achieve Corporate Social Responsibility strategies / Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Empower organisations to achieve and advocate for disability inclusion and equality within the workplace
  • Strengthen brand and charitable perception of an organisations
  • Provide collaborative innovation and ideation opportunities
  • Assist with employment placements and trainings
  • Networking opportunities with suppliers, CPL partners and industry specialists

Ways to partner with CPL

Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training

Is your workplace wanting to evolve, become an inclusion employer? We have module based training available for Partners and will step you through how you can become more inclusive to all members of society.

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Workplace Giving

A simple way to support CPL through regular pre-tax donations from your pay. We can guide you through the right way to establishing a workplace giving program for employees.

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Team Building and Engagement

Hosted by our partners from Team Building With Purpose, this interactive team building session promotes teamwork, increased empathy and more open minds while being introduced to the work CPL does for the disability community.

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Employment placement

Need a bright new spark in your team? We can work with you to match talented job seekers from our Mylestone Employment group to roles in every sector and industry. We take the stress out of recruitment.

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Matched Giving

Match your employees or communities fundraising efforts and become a Corporate Matched Giver doubling our impact to communities.

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Green Partners

Setup your organisation and employees to collect and recycle recyclable containers. A fantastic way to reduce your environmental emissions while raising vital funds for CPL.

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Corporate Donation

Make a corporate tax-deductible donation and demonstrate your organisations commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

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Giving Day

Be part of CPL's annual Giving Day that raises funds dedicated to removing barriers for people with disability. Volunteer your time, make a corporate donation or donate a prize.

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Become a Partner