CPL’s allied health professionals provide therapies for children with disabilities designed to help them at each stage in their development. We can help your child get ready for school; enhance their reading and comprehension; build their confidence and ability to make friends; and support many other essential skills for everyday life, growth and development.

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Equipment and aids

Technology is always changing - and so are the tools that can empower children to live a life without barriers. We provide advice on, and prescribe, mobility and seating equipment as well as communication devices to help maximise your child’s engagement with the community and increase their independence.

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Home support

Sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands around the house to take the load off. Whatever it is you are looking for, be it assistance with the school rush, help at meal times and dietary advice, personal care or overnight assistance for your child, we can create a schedule to suit you and your family.

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Meet Erin and Molly

“At CPL, we’ve found a great company that just provides everything. For Molly it’s given her the opportunity to become more aware of herself..." - Erin, Molly's mum.

Getting out into the community

Sometimes, having the time or tools available to assist your child to get out into the community on a daily basis can be difficult. We can support your child and your family to do the things you want to do and go to the places you you want to go. 

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School support

CPL’s therapists* and support workers work closely with teachers, parents and carers to help children with disabilities transition into school. Our support can enable your child to develop their reading and writing, form friendships and gain self-care independence.

Starting when your child is preparing for their first day of kindy and prep, and then moving into school, CPL’s education support continues right through to high school and post-school planning.

CPL may provide support, information, and advice to schools and teaching staff to assist with the participation, development and inclusion of students with a disability.  

*Therapists advisory school visits may be externally funded, for more information click here.

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