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CPL's Mylestones Solutions is a social enterprise that offers two types of supported employment opportunities. Our commercial garden maintenance crews work with businesses and Government to keep their gardens looking ship-shape; while our market crews learn the secrets of running a successful retail business. People working in either (or both) crews gain new skills, meet new people, and earn their own money – all under the eye of supportive mentors and supervisors.

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Work in a commercial print business

Mylestones Printing is CPL's commercial print business in Strathpine, and our supported employment hub. People can work as part of a team to help produce professional direct mail campaigns and printing jobs for local business and Government organisations. Employees have opportunities for professional development and training, expanding their skills and growing their knowledge.

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What you can access through supported employment

Mylestones Solutions and Mylestones Printing offers:

  • Full and part-time employment
  • A supported wage system
  • Access to transition to Work programs including our Student Work Experience and Employment Training (SWEET) program
  • A safe and supportive environment
  • On the job training
  • Traineeships and internships
  • The opportunity to develop and work towards career and life goals by using a tailor made plan

Sell products through Rai Collective

Creativity flows through us all – you just need to find the key to unlocking your talents. CPL has helped hundreds of people find their creativity through our community programs and now we are helping people turn their creative passions into income. Rai Collective is a new initiative at CPL, which supports individuals to produce creative pieces of work (like jewellery and ceramics) and gives those products an online platform to shine.

Getting involved

We believe in chasing your dreams and Rai brings new pathways and opportunities to realise your potential and transform something you love from a hobby into a profession. If you’re interested in being involved with Rai Collective, are looking for a place for your talents to shine, or keen to learn more about the initiative, get in touch.

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For more information about our social enterprises, supported employment and how we can support you, please call us on 1800 275 753 or send an online enquiry.