Early childhood intervention (for children 0-6 years)

Our therapists have experience working with children of all ages. We provide early intervention services that can enhance your child’s learning and skill development at the crucial early developmental stages. Together, we’ll work with you and your child to identify any gaps in your child’s development and develop a plan ahead.

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Our physiotherapists are here to help you build strength, endurance and movement through physical therapy. We support people of all ages to work towards a range of goals, achieve developmental milestones and improve mobility, posture and balance through therapy, exercise groups and equipment prescription.

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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists can work with you to be more involved in the activities you enjoy, build new skills and grow your independence. Whether your goal is to make life at home easier or to master a specific activity that's important to you, our therapists can work with you on a range of goals around self-care, school readiness, fine motor skills, social and life skills, equipment prescription and home modifications.

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Speech and language pathology

Our speech and language pathologists work with people who have difficulty with communication, literacy, speech and language. They will explore and develop the best ways for you (or the person you care for) to communicate, as well as working with individuals and their families or carers to understand and best manage problems with eating, drinking and swallowing.

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Social work and counselling

Our social workers can work with you through periods of transition, challenge and emotion. We can support you and your family through life’s up and downs by providing practical strategies, valuable advice, advocacy and a listening ear.

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Therapy groups for kids

Group based therapy is a perfect way to work on therapy goals through interactive group sessions. There’s also the added benefit of providing your child with the opportunity to learn from and interact with other kids, while achieving their goals.

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Hydrotherapy is comparable to physiotherapy, but in water. Our physiotherapists can assist you or your child through fun and specialised water-based activities to improve mobility, flexibility and balance, as well as reducing pain and swelling.

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Kids speech therapy

Meet Emma

"What I love about CPL is that everyone is so friendly and invested in our journey. I feel like the therapists are real champions for Emma." - Melinda, Emma’s mum