Creating and updating your Will to include CPL

Your Will is important and you should always consult with your family and loved ones before making any commitments. We recommend speaking to a solicitor to ensure your Will is legal and valid. If you already have a Will and would like to change it to include CPL, you can do so by adding a clause and lodging it with your Will.


Proposed Will clauses

You can make a difference

For every Queenslander we support, there are five more who urgently need our assistance. Any gift in your will, big or small, can help us change lives for people with disabilities.

After providing for your family and friends, you may wish to remember CPL in your Will to ensure people with disabilities continue to receive support and services to enable them to live a more fulfilled life, now and in the future. With a legacy gift can give as little or as much as you like and all legacy gifts received directly impact the services and programs delivered by CPL.

Deciding your gift in your Will

There are different ways you may wish to leave a gift to CPL. These include:

  • The whole of your estate - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift their entire estate as a legacy gift.
  • A residuary gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift the remainder or a share of their estate. If choosing to gift the remainder of your estate, this will be calculated after all other bequests and expenses have been deducted.
  • A pecuniary gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to give a legacy in the form of a monetary sum specified in your Will.
  • A specific gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift a legacy in the form of a named item (or items) specified in your Will, for example property, jewellery, a motor vehicle or other valuables such as stocks and shares.

More information

Leaving a gift in your Will may require some consideration, but we're always here to help if you want to know more about how your gift will be used to improve lives.

For further information, or if you would like to leave a gift to CPL in your Will, please free call us on 1800 275 753 or fill in the contact form below.

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