For over 70 years, CPL - Choice, Passion, Life has supported people with disability, their families and communities.  From diagnosis, to school years, gaining employment, through to retirement and aged care, we’re here.  We strive for a better tomorrow, an inclusive world where everyone can live a life of choice and passion.  And we continue to do this, because of people like you – our Legacy partners.   

By leaving a gift in your Will to CPL, you’ll be leaving a powerful legacy for generations to come.  It’s a powerful gift that lives on, a gift that reflects your commitment to your community, your core values and true selflessness.  Your legacy gift will ensure we continue to strive for an inclusive society, supporting all people, especially those with disability.  We feel honoured to be able to deliver your legacy wishes and we simply can’t thank you enough for your generous consideration. 

An older woman sitting outside in her garden

My wish is for all children with disabilities to have the same opportunities and support to grow up and lead happy, independent lives.  

I hope you will consider leaving a gift in your Will to CPL.

- Priscilla, CPL supporter

Deciding your gift in your Will

There are different ways you may wish to leave a gift to CPL. These include:

  • The whole of your estate - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift their entire estate as a legacy gift.
  • A residuary gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift the remainder or a share of their estate. If choosing to gift the remainder of your estate, this will be calculated after all other bequests and expenses have been deducted.
  • A pecuniary gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to give a legacy in the form of a monetary sum specified in your Will.
  • A specific gift - this is where the Willmaker desires to gift a legacy in the form of a named item (or items) specified in your Will, for example property, jewellery, a motor vehicle or other valuables such as stocks and shares.

Sample wording for your Will

We have provided some sample wording for proposed clauses to leave a gift to CPL in your Will.

Download here


We've partnered with Safewill to make it easy for you leave a gift in your Will. Safewill is Australia's leading Will writing platform. They make it simple for all Australians to write their own Will, with just a few clicks.

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