This Easter we introduced Scott to our community.

Scott has an Intellectual Disability and was lucky enough to have his whole life changed when he gained employment through our Mylestones Garden Crew team.

Many employment barriers that exist for people with disability stem from misconception and lack of knowledge around disability. Barriers around adjusting inaccessible workplaces or equipment modifications can often be overcome by offering flexible working arrangements, working from home, or making modest (Government-funded) workplace modifications. Misinformed attitudes about disability and discrimination can be addressed with disability awareness training, adjusting acceptable language around disability within the workplace, and adjusting traditional role responsibilities to amplify strengths of employees within teams.

We aim to remove these barriers to employment through our Disability Awareness Training Package, so everyone living with disability like Scott, can gain employment to live the life they choose.

Thanks to the incredible commitment and generosity from our donor community, we have so far raised over $30,000 towards the development and delivery of our Disability Awareness Training Package.

This is only possible because of the generosity of our donors and people like you, who believe, as CPL does, in creating an inclusive society for all people.

Thank you for continuing on this mission with us and we wish you a safe and happy Easter.

P.S there is still time to make a donation towards our Disability Awareness Training Package.

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