There may be bias at play, but we think we’ve got a pretty great community of strong-minded, insightful women here at CPL! We asked a few of them for their opinions on International Women’s Day and equality. Here’s what they had to say…


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“Giving women the same rights as everybody else; and it shouldn’t matter if you’ve got a disability or not, because it’s about getting yourself out there and being heard.” – E.J, a client at CPL.


“It is an opportunity to stop and reflect; to look at how far we’ve come as a community but also acknowledge that there is certainly still work to be done.”  - Shelley, Brand and Creative Services Manager, CPL.


“It’s about women being recognised and appreciated for all the hats we wear. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by some awesome women both personally and professionally.” - Shannon, Direct Support Worker, CPL.


“For me, it’s a chance to look back and see how far we have come and what we can do to move forward and break more glass ceilings. It blows my mind to think in the 70s a woman could not leave the country without written consent from her husband, and it was almost impossible for a woman to get a mortgage or even be on the paperwork! This day makes me think… what is the next 40 years going to hold? Watch this space!”  - Peta, mum to a client at CPL.


“To me it means hope and pride. After everything it has taken women to get to this point, celebrating International Women’s Day gives me confidence and courage for the future.” - Holly, Communications Specialist, CPL.


What do you think about equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace?

“Equality is so important. I want my daughters to grow up knowing that if they study or work in the same field as a man, they deserve and will (hopefully by that stage) earn the same as a man! Their gender should not discriminate.” - Peta, mum to a client at CPL.


“I strongly believe everyone should be treated equally and paid for the job we do regardless of gender.” - Shannon, Direct Support Worker, CPL.


“I think it’s important to have equal opportunities for everything! There are so many talented people out there with wonderful ideas. If we only offer opportunities to men or women, we are only going to discover half of those ideas. Doesn’t that seem silly?”  - Holly, Communications Specialist, CPL.


“It doesn’t matter what their gender is, everybody has the right to have equal opportunity to explore.”  - E.J, a client at CPL.


“It is really important to create a broad, diverse range of thought creation.” - Shelley, Brand and Creative Services Manager, CPL.


A big thank you to E.J, Shannon, Peta, Shelley and Holly for sharing! It’s important to us that the opinions of people in our community, female and male, are heard and respected. After all, isn’t that what International Women’s Day is all about - being heard and respected?