Whats Doing is here to make going out, catching up with friends and participating in the community easier. Whether you’re craving a casual coffee meetup or a lively night out, Whats Doing mobile app can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on where to go.  

Whats Doing is one of our latest Inclusion Impact Fund (IIF) recipients. 

Available for free in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Whats Doing isn't just another venue listing app. This app goes above and beyond by offering comprehensive access information. With a few taps on the phone, users can discover cafes, restaurants, bars and activities in their area that cater to their access requirements. 

With firsthand lived experience within their team, Whats Doing understands the frustration of missing out on enjoyable activities and events due to unmet access needs. That's why the app provides helpful venue accessibility details such as ramps, ground-level entry, noise levels, disability awareness trained staff, and accessible parking. Allowing people with disability to focus on doing the things they love and enjoying the moment, rather than navigating inaccessible spaces. 

“As an individual living with a disability, the social scene isn't as fancy-free as it looks. A lived experience is very different to a shared experience. Turning up to venues completely inaccessible for a person with disability was not only intimidating but also disappointing. 

Since discovering the Whats Doing App, I’ve been able to view in more detail accessible venues and activities. I have found an accessible gym with a personal trainer that personalises exercises to my needs, I go on more accessible trail walks and am about to take up skateboarding. The Whats Doing App has helped give me more confidence in leaving the house. I am now more prepared when I want to try a venue or activity. I feel better now, more confident and healthier.” Said Whats Doing user, Journee. 

The app's impact extends beyond individual users, it creates positive change in society by raising awareness about the importance of accessibility in public spaces. By partnering with venues, the Whats Doing team advocates inclusivity and educates businesses on how to create welcoming environments for all.  

“We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to catch up with friends over a meal or a drink without worrying about a venue’s accessibility. Our goal in creating this app is to give the confidence back to people with disability to get out of the house and socialise.” Said Rocky, Founder and CEO of Whats Doing. 

Whats Doing is suitable for all people with disability, along with their family and friends, and support workers. Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play today. 

The Inclusion Impact Fund (IIF) identifies innovations which stand to have a profound impact in the lives of people with disability, and provides them with grant funding to further create, develop or expand their business idea.  The IIF focuses on innovations which will ultimately remove barriers faced by people with disability, like transport and travel, employment, community access, and general inclusion in daily life. 

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