Vacayit is the ultimate audio exploration companion for destinations and events. 🧳 

Do traditional travel and event resources just not cut it for you? Researching your next holiday or deciding on your next event should be fun and, it should be easy. That's where Vacayit comes in.  

Vacayit is a free audio guide app, providing an immersive audio description of your next destination or event.   

Accessible tourism and event experiences have been a long-standing challenge for people with disability, often leaving people feeling excluded or limited in their participation. By enhancing accessibility, Vacayit hopes to open doors for people with disability and provide them the opportunity to fully engage and enjoy a wide range of activities.  

Vacayit is one of CPL Group’s latest Inclusion Impact Fund (IIF) recipients, a one-of-a-kind grants fund focused on funding projects that breakdown or remove the barriers faced by people with disability in Australia.  

Through Vacayit, users can listen to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures visitors may encounter. Whether this be the vibrant colours of a sunset, the beats of a live music performance, or the gritty sand between your toes, users can listen to captivating narratives delivered by real and authentic voices. The app can be used to help plan a holiday or as an audio guide when at a destination or event. 

The foundation of Vacayit lies in its commitment to accessibility. Unlike traditional travel and event resources that rely heavily on visual content, Vacayit breaks barriers by offering high-quality audio guides specifically tailored for blind and low-vision users. This dedication to inclusivity extends beyond just functionality though, it's the reason Hailey, Vacayit CEO and Founder first developed the app. 

“When you build a product with accessibility first, it is a product built for everyone. I love to travel and explore, just like most, but I recognise that for many people with disability the prospect of travelling and attending events can be very daunting, often filled with barriers and uncertainties. Vacayit seeks to change that narrative by empowering users to make informed decisions, plan their visits, and navigate unfamiliar environments with confidence. Making travel and events accessible to all.” Said Hailey, Vacayit CEO and Founder. 

This user-friendly app puts the power of exploration in the hands of its users, creating independence and autonomy. While the app is specifically designed for, and with input from, blind and low-vision users, it can be used by all. It features a high-contrast display, voice and text search capabilities, screen reader compatibility, and each audio recording comes with detailed transcripts. 

The Vacayit content creators are destination organisations, hotels, events, and tourism operators. The audio guides featured on the app include a range of local points of interest, tour guides, travel information, and overall destination and event guides. 

Vacayit is completely free for listeners. Download Vacayit in the App Store or Google Play and explore over 250 immersive audio tours. 

The CPL Group Inclusion Impact Fund (IIF) identifies innovations which stand to have a profound impact in the lives of people with disability, and provides them with grant funding to further create, develop or expand their business idea.  The IIF focuses on innovations which will ultimately remove barriers faced by people with disability, like transport and travel, employment, community access, and general inclusion in daily life. 

As CPL Group eagerly anticipate the next round of the Inclusion Impact Fund, read more about the IIF and their latest recipients here