Whether you love them or hate them – emojis have become a huge part of how we communicate. We use them in text messages, tweets, emails – in fact, we send an average of five billion emojis through Facebook Messenger each day. 

Did you know there are almost 3000 emojis on the keyboard, but there is no representation of people with a disability? 

Well, that’s finally about to change! 

The next batch of emojis will feature a wide range of accessibility and inclusion symbols, including a man and a woman in a wheelchair, a guide dog, a person using sign language, a hearing aid and a mechanical arm. 

These are just some of the new emojis coming in the next update, with majority of them aiming to promote inclusivity and representation for all users. 

Check out some of the new emojis below! Unicode says the update will drop some time later this year, so watch this space!