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No, not unless the job advertisement specifically states that this experience is required. Many of the roles we recruit for look for specific skills or knowledge, and it may actually be important to have experience in other sectors or industries, and different types and sizes of organisations.

If you've applied for an open vacancy it can take up to four weeks.

  • Once you've submitted your job application you'll receive an email to confirm it has been received.
  • We will then go through a detailed selection process to ensure we employ the most suitable candidate for the role. This can include a preliminary phone interview, group interview, face-to-face interview and reference checks. If you are made a formal offer of employment there may then be further checks and paperwork required. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted via email to advise the status of their application.

If you've submitted an expression of interest, we may not be in touch until a role that matches your criteria becomes available. It's always a great idea to set up a job alert as well, so that you're notified as soon as a job becomes available that matches your criteria.

We require all employees to hold both a Blue Card and a Yellow Card so they can work with all of our services, regardless of their position. Our Recruitment team will process your application with all of the required paperwork as part of the recruitment process.

No. We also provide services to older adults through the government's Transition Care Program, as well as aged care. The Transition Care Program provides short term care to optimise the functioning and independence for older people after a hospital stay. Transition Care is goal-oriented, which reflects CPL's goal-orientated approach to providing service and our purpose of supporting people to live the lives they choose.

Personal care or direct support roles

No. We are looking for candidates who believe in CPL's vision of an inclusive society for all people and are passionate about providing great customer service.

Prior to commencing employment at CPL, you also may be required to obtain specific certificates or checks, depending on the type of role you're successful for. This will be included in the job advertisement and we will assist you in obtaining them as part of the recruitment process.

Most of the new Personal Care Assistant roles we are recruiting for are casual, to fill shifts as required by our clients. Being casual means you will probably be called with short notice to fill a shift. Part-time or full-time positions are usually filled by employees who have been working at CPL for some time, so these types of jobs are rarely available for new candidates.

CPL is a 24 hours a day, 7 days per week service with varying shift times. These can range from an hour to "sleepover" shifts, where accommodation is provided for you to sleep at a person's house, and provide assistance if the person wakes during the night and needs support.

As part of the recruitment process we will ask you to fill out an availability form to indicate what hours you are available to work - please be truthful and accurate. Your honesty on this form is important to make sure we're recruiting you to work the right shifts.

We are always recruiting for new Personal Care Assistants. CPL is growing so quickly, with the introduction of the NDIS and new clients with different goals joining us all the time. We're expanding from just providing support to people with a disability, to also providing aged care support.

The NDIS is the new way that people with disabilities receive funding, giving more choice and control to our clients. You can find out more here.

Rewarding career options

Rewarding career options

“You have to genuinely care about people and the dreams they want to follow. You don’t want to talk for someone, you want to advocate for someone and assist them to talk for themselves.”

– Carrie, CPL Direct Support Worker

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