Creative programs 

For: Teenagers and adults

Express yourself, explore your passions, develop your skills, discover new interests and meet new people through our creative programs. Our creative programs range from expressing yourself in the kitchen to performing on stage, creating hand-made jewellery and art. 

Some of these programs include:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Film-making
  • Visual art
  • Dance
  • Jewellery making
  • Drama and theatre with Screech Arts
  • Woodwork
  • Ceramics
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      Recreational programs

      For: All ages

      We offer a range of fun and stimulating recreational activities in a supportive environment – even on the weekends. Come along to try new things, meet new people and go to new places. Each of our programs can be modified to suit individual needs and abilities.

      Some of these programs include:

      • Sailing
      • Fishing
      • Bowling
      • Swimming
      • Gym/fitness
      • Gardening
      • Boccia
      • Pub nights
      • Bowling
      • Vacation care & after school care 

      Life skills/independent living programs

      We want people to achieve their goals of greater independence, which is why we run a range of independent living (or life skills) programs. If you are considering moving to a home of your own, or want to get around more independently without support, we can help you develop the skills you need.

      We can help you build confidence in:

      • Personal safety
      • Numeracy and literacy
      • Managing money 
      • Personal development
      • Using public transport
      • Managing on your own/living independently 

      Program profile: Heyo

      Heyo is a monthly social group just for kids. Children aged 7 to 15 can participate in a mix of stimulating and fun activities in a supportive and supervised environment. Heyo is firmly focused on what kids want to do. Children get the opportunity to meet new friends, develop their social skills and try new activities, games and sports.

      Program profile: Social Squad

      Social Squad is a social group just for young adults. Designed to respond directly to the group's interests and passions, Social Squad can help you make new friends, explore places in your local community, try new things and, above all, have fun

      Screech Arts Inclusive Performing Arts School

      Do you love to perform? Have you got ambitions of seeing your name in lights and spending your days on the stage? Relish in your creativity and join Screech Arts. An initiative of CPL, Screech Arts is an innovative and inclusive performing arts school. With weekly classes, participants can discover, evolve and unleash their creativity through drama, acting, dance, film, music, singing, production, scriptwriting and set design. 

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      young woman and man look at each during screech arts performance

      Meet Tom

      "Screech Arts prepares kids for social contact, getting hands on with expressing emotions and feelings, which is priceless. They have fun in a safe environment and Tom is prepared to give it a go and he’s comfortable, which is important."
      - Jon, Tom’s dad

      Creative and recreational programs - FAQs

      Yes! If it's a goal in your NDIS Plan, you can use your funding for these programs. They might sit under NDIS support categories called "Assistance with social and community participation" or "Increased social and community participation".

      At CPL you can build and develop life skills including:
      - Confidence and social skills
      - Woodwork, art and photography
      - Using public transport, learning to cook and managing money

      You can also hone your creative arts and performance skills through CPL's Screech Arts program - which is open to all ages and abilities.

      Everyone! We have recreational programs to suit all ages.

      For example:
      Heyo - kids aged seven to 15
      Social Squad - young adults aged 16 to 25