Your individual NDIS review

NDIS Plans vary in length from 12 months to 3 years (and sometimes longer). Before your Plan ends, the NDIA will contact you to discuss whether you require a full review of your current Plan.

If your current funding is meeting all your needs, then you may choose to ask the NDIA to repeat your current funding on your next plan with no changes.

However, if your current funding is not meeting your needs, then having a plan review meeting with NDIA allows you to explain to the NDIA what you need on your next Plan.

A Plan review meeting is an opportunity to identify your progress and any new goals or outcomes you want to work towards. It is also a chance to discuss changes to anything that isn't working as well as you had hoped.

What the review will cover

Your annual NDIS review will look at your progression and achievements, how well your NDIS supports are working and the skills you’re building to become more independent. It will also include how you manage every day activities and a review of the funding amounts that have been spent. You will move on to discuss your support needs for your next plan - you might choose a longer or shorter plan, depending on your needs, goals and confidence in controlling your supports.

What does the NDIA look at when conducting a plan review?

A plan review by NDIS means that they will review all of the sections of your current Plan and discuss with you how the funding is meeting your needs. If you are requesting additional funding, it is important that you prepare evidence to give to your Planner regarding the things you believe you now need. This includes making decisions ab out the type and amount of funding you need on your next plan.

Preparing for your NDIS plan review

Typically, the NDIA will get in touch three months before your current NDIS plan ends, giving you the time to gather information and prepare for your plan review. As with your initial NDIS planning meeting, you can set up a meeting in a way that suits you and work with a friend or family member, someone from CPL or the NDIA, an Early Childhood partner or, if you have one, your Support Coordinator.

Similarly, be sure to think about your goals for the future and what supports you will need. CPL can also support you with preparing for your review meeting.  Like the pre-planning meeting, we'll discuss the supports you've received and how everything works for you.


One-on-one NDIS plan review sessions 

We also hold one-on-one plan review sessions with individuals and families. In this session, we support people to:

•    Understand how the review process works
•    Review their current supports
•    Reflect on the goals and outcomes achieved in their previous plan
•    Think about their dreams and aspirations
•    Explain what services and support they might need to reach their goals
•    Explain the types of evidence that NDIA require when requesting new or additional supports

After you receive your new NDIS plan

If you believe that your new plan does not meet your needs, you can lodge a request for review. This needs to be done within the first three months of your new plan start date.  The review request form can be found at the NDIS website.

Remember, at any stage, if your personal circumstances change significantly (including things that effect your support needs),  you need to notify the NDIA by completing the change of circumstances form on the NDIA website.

To find out more about requesting a plan review, it’s best to contact the NDIA directly on 1800 800 110 or visit their website. You can contact CPL if you’d like any support to apply for a plan review.

Read our NDIS FAQ's