Facts about Parkinson’s disease

  • Parkinson’s is slightly more common in males.  
  • The average age of diagnosis is 65, although Parkinson’s can affect adults of any age. Young Onset Parkinson’s refers to people who are diagnosed between the ages of 21 and 40. Juvenile Onset Parkinson’s refers to people who are younger than 21 when they are diagnosed.
  • Symptoms of Parkinson’s are mainly related to a lack of a neurotransmitter substance called dopamine in the brain.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's disease?

People living with Parkinson’s can be impacted by motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms, which will vary with each individual case.

Motor symptoms may include tremor; slowness of movement; muscle stiffness resulting in difficulty standing and walking; and postural instability causing falls.

Non-motor symptoms can include fatigue and pain; impact to cognitive functions including memory; changes to oral muscles impacting eating and drinking; changes to senses affecting smell and vision; gastrointestinal issues; and difficulty sleeping.

This information has been provided by Parkinson’s Australia.

How can CPL help?

Currently there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but there are things that can help to manage the symptoms. We can help you in many ways. Our Allied Health professionals (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, and Social Workers) can support with:

  • Working on your mobility and physical activity 
  • Helping you to project your voice to maximise communication skills 
  • Mealtime management abilities to safely eat and drink 
  • Improving written communication skills to address handwriting difficulties 
  • Developing strategies to assist with memory and thinking skills 
  • Identifying, trialling, and prescribing assistive technology/adapted equipment that will help you to engage and participate in meaningful activities throughout the day
  • Understanding your life following diagnosis and dealing with the emotions associated with this.


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