Our Toowoomba Allied health team travelled out to Goondiwindi the other week to hand deliver our client Gwen’s brand new eye-gaze communication device. 

Because of Gwen’s muscular atrophy she hasn’t been able to speak or even move. According to her daughter Julieann, following her mums 2009 diagnosis, “it’s been a downward spiral since then – until now, she was losing communication for so long and now she’s finally getting it back.” 

Already Gwen’s quality of life has totally changed and now she’s looking forward to some more training on how to use her device so she can totally excel.

One of Gwen’s first sentences since being able to communicate again was, “I want to paint my nails purple.”

We’ll be painting our nails purple too and excitedly awaiting more developments from Gwen on her journey to finding her voice.

If you’re interested in exploring the different communications devices available call us on 1800 275 753.