Early intervention therapies  

Research shows that intense therapy (this can be a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) during these important early years can make a very positive difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Early intervention is important to unlocking the full potential of your child and helping them to be more independent. 

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The first step 

When you’re ready to reach out, we will provide advice and support to help you understand the diagnosis and potential funding options.

We are also a listening ear and will step you through the process of understanding how we can work together to provide early intervention services to help give your child the best start in life.

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We will set up an initial appointment with you to discuss how to start the journey towards providing the best support for your child and your family. This can be over the phone or in person.

You'll meet our social workers who can help you to understand your child’s diagnosis and support services available to you, and our therapists who can outline practical ways to support your child’s disability and increase their independence. We then work with you to set individual goals in a targeted early intervention therapy program.

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Ongoing support 

We will work with you to help reach those goals in your family plan and modify them along the way.

Whether it’s providing opportunities for you to link in with other families in a situation like yours, or finding a local support groups for to join – we are here for you and our therapists and social workers are your go-to team.

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Has your child been newly diagnosed with a disability? We have been supporting Queenslanders with disability for 70 years and can talk to you about your options and the information and support available.

To speak to our team, please call us on 1800 275 753 or send an online enquiry below. 

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