Do you love authentic, handcrafted gifts? Are you looking for the perfect pick-me-up, or an extra special treat for a loved one?
Then look no further – Rai is right at your fingertips.

Rai Collective, an initiative of CPL, is a new, online store selling bespoke handmade creations which have been designed, manufactured and packaged by talented Queenslanders with disability.

When you buy a Rai product you’re taking home more than just a piece of jewellery. Every design has been lovingly hand-crafted by Rai’s aspiring artists, producing exciting, authentic products of the highest quality.

No two Rai products are the same as every design has been lovingly cut, painted, glazed and assembled by hand, which means they all have their own quirky variations. This is their story and what makes them so special.


Jewellery with a story

At CPL, we’re always seeking new and innovative ways to support people with disabilities which is where the idea for Rai was born. This exciting new brand is a collection of handmade goods sold through our online store: 

Rai is an avenue for people with disability to showcase their talents and express their creative flair, turning their passions into a career.

What started as an idea became a rai-volution

The inspiration behind Rai’s ceramic jewellery collection started at our creative hub in Springfield, a place which provides opportunities for people with disabilities to express themselves creatively and gain independence in their own way.

As well as quality, fashionable good, Rai is an expression of our passion for creating pathways to independence and positive employment for people with disability. From the moment the items are dreamed up, to when they are warehoused and sent to customers it is our artists who make the decisions. This might be choosing shapes and colour in the design process, making
decisions about what products are suitable for market and which finished products are suitable for sale.

We’re excited - we hope you are too!

To check out our range, please visit Rai Collective online store. If you would like to get involved, please contact us


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