If you’ve been keeping up to date with NDIS buzzwords, you might have heard the term ‘pre-planning’. We’re here to break down exactly what it means. Plus, some NDIS participants have shared their tips on how to get ready for your first planning meeting with the NDIA.

What is pre-planning?

Well before we explain pre-planning, we need to breakdown what planning is. It’s like the chicken and the egg.

After you know you’re eligible for the NDIS, they will then contact you to create your first plan. This could be up to three months before your area officially rolls out. At this planning meeting with the NDIA, you’ll discuss what you want your life to look like and what supports you need to get there.

Enter: pre-planning.

Before your first planning meeting, we recommend pre-planning. The NDIA will ask your quite detailed questions about the supports you receive now, what your goals are and what supports you might need to reach those goals. This is a lot of information to remember, so it’s a good idea to write it all down and have a think about it beforehand.

Lea Larkin, who recently entered the NDIS in Toowoomba said, “Our NDIA planning session was a three-hour phone interview! I was on the phone at home and CPL they were there to help me go through everything we had written down in pre-planning.”


Why is it important?

If you’re feeling nervous or unsure how to communicate what you need, pre-planning is a great way to make sure you’re prepared and feeling confident for your meeting with the NDIA.

The NDIS is an insurance model of support, so they need as much documentation as possible to put your support plan together. The more information you bring to your planning meeting, the better!

Lea Larkin suggested “Be as detailed and specific as you can. You need to show how your current support works or doesn’t. Look at what the future could look like and where you would like your child to be.”

Kathy, who also lives in Toowoomba, shared that pre-planning with CPL helped her get the most out of her session with the NDIA. “CPL’s support with NDIS planning excellent, they were able to add things that we couldn’t think of and they helped me to feel more confident to advocate for Larissa’s needs.”

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